If the item that you are ordering is not already on island then your order will be shipped from the USA.
Currently only Grocery Bundles and a small stock of other grocery/household items are available on Island

If your order includes items already on Island, those will be delivered to you (free) or arranged to be picked up (if you prefer this option) and the rest will arrive with our next shipment.

We ship once per week (usually on a Friday), so your order will get to you about the following Monday or Tuesday if your order is placed (or we receive your item) by the Tuesday before the ship day.

Most of our products already has shipping included in the price therefore you will not see a shipping cost during checkout. Only large and bulky products such as Furniture and Large Appliances will display a separate shipping charge. This will be visible in card during checkout.


We also offer an Address Forwarding services to our member who wish to purchase items elsewhere (e.g. and have them delivered or picked up Bermuda. This is a Delaware address (which means that they do not pay any taxes on purchase that they make throughout the continental USA). Items sent to this address will also be shipped on our next container to Bermuda, unless you have multiple items and wish to have them consolidated into one single package.

Shipping charges are based on the dimensional weight of your package. This is far more cheaper that actual weight. You can actually calculate the actual shipping charges of your packages by using the Shipping Calculator on our Custom Order Form HERE. This will be the form that you will use to provide us with information about your packages shipped from other places to us, so that we can process your shipping and clearance (including Customs Duty Calculations).


We offer free delivery right to your door on most of the products offered on our website. If you have a separate (small) packaged shipped to us and to be delivered along with an order placed on our website then that too will be delivered free of charge along with your order. Otherwise your delivery will attract a delivery fee at reasonable rate.

If you prefer to have it picked up, we will arrange for you to pick up.

Large packages purchased on My BEAMS Club Website e.g. Furniture and Appliances, Delivery is also Free. Items purchased elsewhere will attract a delivery fee at a very reasonable rate.